Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30, 2011 Workout Exercise DVD Video, New. Top A Twist Spongie As Wells As Good I am a fan of ellipticals, but even though I'll burn 300+ calories, I don't feel like I've actually done anything - I will feel bored, instead of invigorated. Also note, that beginners tend to see bigger/quicker gains than people who have been exercising a lot longer. Now,side bends,trunk twists,hanging leg raises,body curls and vacuums are all some great exercises for your core.Your core muscles are the direct antagonsts to your lumbar (spinal erectors) region. Just like Hilgenberg's first routine, hit these workouts at least once each per week. If you have not been working out, you may not want to try this incredibly intense exercise program. These people should be keeping cardio on the minimal side of things, and incorporate more strength training exercises.

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